Thursday, May 30, 2013

Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat Live Stream May 30, 2013

Game 5 8:30 PM ET IND@MIA Thursday, May 30 American Airlines Arena Game 1: MIA 103 IND 102 | Game Info | Analysis Game 2: IND 97 MIA 93 | Game Info | Analysis Game 3: MIA 114 IND 96 | Game Info | Analysis Game 4: IND 99 MIA 92 | Game Info | Analysis Game 5: IND at MIA | Thu., May 30, 8:30 PM ET | TNT Game 6: MIA at IND | Sat., Jun. 1, 8:30 PM ET | TNT Game 7: IND at MIA | Mon., Jun. 3 | TNT | If Necessary Game 4 between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers had everything: Roy Hibbert’s dominance in the paint, plenty of flops and a few controversial calls. Our experts set the stage for Thursday night’s Game 5 in Miami and make their picks. Who wins Game 5? bbott: The Heat are the better team. (Right? I mean, I think so. But unlike a week ago, now I know a lot of smart people would argue with me about that.) In the big picture, they have the deeper roster, the more proven ability to get wins, and more tactics to try. And they’re at home. So I’ll guess Heat, but I’d rather not guess, ’cause the real joy is in having no idea. Donahue: Going back home, Miami has to be given the edge, but it’s dependent on the supporting cast. When the Heat dominated Game 3, they did it on the strength of 26-for-39 shooting from Wade, Bosh, Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem. Anything approaching that kind of effectiveness would be too much for even Indiana’s defense to overcome. Anything much less will make for a very interesting game. Gutierrez: Going with the home team. Miami lost Game 5 at home in last year’s Eastern Conference finals. And we remember the heroic effort it took from LeBron for Miami to advance. This will be as much about not repeating Game 5 history as it is about hitting back at Indiana. And when the Heat compete on the boards and attack offensively, they can still control the game, even against the Pacers. McGuire: Miami. I felt the Pacers had at least a game’s worth of pole position heading into Game 2. But after Game 3′s massacre, I no longer feel the same. The Heat aren’t playing very well, but the Indiana offense is playing about 20 leagues over their heads and LeBron simply isn’t going to foul out again. I think the Heat finally wrest control tonight. Thorpe: The Heat. They have a larger margin for error. But as we’ve seen, that does not mean they will win. I love what Erik Spoelstra said in a timeout early in Game 4: “It has to be who has the best team, not who gives the best effort.” I’ll be quoting that line for a decade.


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